Oliphant Tool Company

TORX® and TORX PLUS® Drive System Carbide Header Tooling
From traditional TORX® and TORX PLUS® extrusion pins to hybrid carbide/steel punch assemblies, Oliphant Tool Company offers an excellent opportunity to increase performance by migrating end users from steel to carbide.
By using carbide, Oliphant Tool Company’s TORX® and TORX PLUS® punches offer superior performance and reliability compared to steel.  For right angle forming solutions, traditionally only achieved with steel, Oliphant Tool Company offers a hybrid assembly consisting of a near nano-grain carbide punch surrounded by a perfectly matched M2 or M42 hardened steel holder.

The punches and holders are both manufactured to extremely close tolerances.  Every lobe on every single pin is 100% inspected to ensure conformance to the TORX
® or TORX PLUS®standard and after assembly the punch system is inspected under high power microscopes to ensure perfect fitment.  This comprehensive inspection ensures burr free heading when using our two-piece punch system.

And since we not only stock most standard configurations but are also the manufacturer, we can provide tooling modified to suit your specific requirements.  Need a size slightly oversize from the standard, a custom recess length?  No problem. 

Contact Oliphant Tool Company to find out how steel to carbide migration of your punching system could mean revolutionary increases in tool life and productivity.
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